The City of Latrobe

The City of Latrobe is a safe, livable, vibrant, and sustainable community that provides a high quality of life for present residents, future citizens, and visitors.

Our attractive community has a sense of pride, a hard work ethic, a sense of place, and is a great place to raise a family.

Building on its lasting heritage, small town assets, reputation, and ties to the greater community, the Latrobe of the future will continue to provide a great quality of life that is characterized by:

  • A vibrant, attractive, historic, and walkable downtown that serves the greater community with a variety of businesses, professional, and cultural venues.
  • Well-maintained public areas like McFeely-Rogers Park that create a pleasant mix of landscaping and green space.
  • Outstanding recreational activities at Legion Keener Park that are well-designed for all ages, attracting many residents and visitors.
  • Well-kept, traditional residential neighborhoods that are safe, family-oriented, and pedestrian-friendly.
  • A strong business base that is progressive in an environment that encourages entrepreneurship, investment, and close civic-business relations.
  • Dynamic educational, civic, religious, and health care institutions with close, productive relationships with the community.

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