Leaf Collection

The program was made possible by a Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recycling grant that was awarded to the City to be used for the recycling of leaf waste. Once collected, the leaf waste will be turned into organic fertilizer which is then available free of charge to any City resident upon request.  Please contact the Transfer Station at (724) 537-8974 with any questions.

Through this leaf collection program, leaves will be collected by a leaf vacuum towed by a dump truck and then transported back to the Transfer Station for composting. To be collected, residents are required to place their leaves curbside – or in the absence of a curb, where their property meets the road – with clear access to the leaves (i.e., not blocked by a vehicle). The leaves must be placed in a wind row no wider than two feet and can span the length of the property. Note due to the size of the equipment used in the collection process, leaves will not be picked up if placed in an alley. If residents wish to place their leaves in bag(s), ONLY bio-degradable bags are to be used. These bags can then be placed at curbside for pickup. Absolutely no plastic is to be used to place leaves in.

The City’s Public Works crew will provide leaf collection services through the Thanksgiving holiday or the beginning of December. This is subject to change based on weather conditions, as leaves will not be collected in heavy rain or snow.

Leaves will be collected on a schedule based upon Ward. Public Works crews will not move on to the next Ward until all streets are completed within that Ward, and they will not return to a street until all streets in the City have been collected. As a result, there will not be a schedule with the exact date of leaf collection by Ward; however, information on the crew’s current location and which street will be collected next will be available upon request. Note during peak leaf season, it may only be possible for the crews to cover a couple of streets during the work day. Please be patient as your leaves will be collected as soon as possible.