All street parking spaces within the City’s downtown and hospital perimeter are equipped with meters that can be coin-fed or prepaid through PANGO. Parking permits and meters are available for all parking spaces in the City’s parking garage on Weldon Street. These permits are available for $45.00 per month with a 10% discount available for City of Latrobe residents, and can be obtained at the Administration Office in the City Building during normal business hours.

Parking Rates & Fines

Location Monthly Rate Spaces Available
Memorial Drive $25.00 7
Non-Reserved City Lots $40.00 -
Parking Garage (Non-Reserved) $45.00 120
Parking Garage (Reserved) $55.00 20
Surface Lots (Reserved) $45.00 32
Remote Surface Lot A (Reserved) $15.00 -
Reserved Super Pass $75.00 -
General/9-Hour Space $15.00 100
Business Designated (Reserved) $60.00 -
Business On-Street (Reserved) $75.00 -
Meter Bag Rental $5.00/Day -
Daily Pass $5.00  

**NOTE: City of Latrobe residents living outside of the downtown area will receive a 10% discount for any pass purchased, excluding the Downtown Resident Pass, Remote Lot passes and passes at Memorial Drive.

Parking Fines

Violation Fine
Overparking (Meter)* $5.00
Parking Prohibited $25
Handicapped Space $30
Permit Space $30
Fire Hydrant $50
Lincoln Road Shopping Center Fire Lane $50

Violation Fine
Overparking (2-Hour Zone) $25.00
Blocked Driveway $30.00
Blocked Street/Alley $30.00
Too Near Intersection $25.00
Other $25.00

*Each additional hour of overparking at a meter is an additional violation. Failure to pay each Parking Meter Violation within 24 hours will increase fine to $10; failure to pay within 72 hours will increase fine to $30.

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