Recycling & Trash

Republic Services, Inc. is the City’s contracted recycling and trash removal service. Please contact the City’s Administration Office to set up an account, cancel service, order a recycling container, or to report a missed pick up or other concern.

Residential services include weekly household trash and recycling collection, with one (1) large-item per month (i.e., couch, table) at no additional charge. An approved sticker must be affixed on all trash bags placed for collection while recyclables are to be collected in the orange and black recycling bins provided by the City. City approved garbage stickers are $4.80 per sheet of twelve (12) and may be purchased at the Administration Office in the City Building, the Transfer Station, or at Shop-N-Save on Dailey Avenue in Latrobe. Please see the Rules for Regular Residential Garbage Pick-Up and the Single Stream Recycling Guide for additional information regarding trash and recycling services.

Note that all recycling in the City and at the Transfer Station can now only accept Class 1 and 2 plastics along with aluminum/tin cans. Plastics 3 through 7 and glass products are no longer accepted. Paper and cardboard recycling remains the same. Please click here for a list of items that are typically recyclable.

2021 Municipal Waste Disposal Rates

Service Type


Residential Bag Service

$67.32 / Quarter

Residential Toter Service

$82.62 / Quarter

Commercial Bag Service

$23.97 / Month

96 Gallon Container

$26.52 / Month

2 Yd. Dumpster

$96.90 / Month

4 Yd. Dumpster

$127.50 / Month

6 Yd. Dumpster

$168.30 / Month

8 Yd. Dumpster

$204.00 / Month

6 Yd. Compactor

$377.40 / Month

Loose Pick-up Service

$14.00 / Cubic Yd.

NOTE: 10% penalty added if not paid in full by due date.
There will be a $20 fee for any returned check.

  • Garbage must be placed in plastic garbage bags not to exceed 33 gallons in size and not in excess of 40 pounds.
  • All bags must be tied with a visibly affixed, City approved sticker.
  • Bags containing broken glass or sharp objects must be properly identified.
  • Emptied paint cans or dry paint will be collected with the normal garbage.
  • Garbage not capable of being placed in an approved collection bag must be bundled and securely tied so that one person can easily handle. Bundles shall not be in excess of 2 feet in diameter x 4 feet in length. Garbage in the form of empty cardboard boxes, large cans or other empty containers will not be collected. No garbage, clippings, etc. shall be placed in any empty containers, which are to be collected. An approved collection bag or sticker must be attached to each bundle or empty container.
  • All material to be collected by the City’s contracted service must be placed at the curb or alleyway.
  • Items not addressed above or which cannot be picked up on the once-a-month large item pick up may be picked up by special request for an additional charge. For information, contact the Sanitation Department at (724) 537-2601 during normal weekday business hours.
  • The following cannot and will not be collected by the City:
    • Tires (may be delivered to the City Garage for a separate fee).
    • Batteries
    • Paint
    • Flammable liquids
    • Electronics
    • Televisions