Current Announcements

Pet Waste

The City of Latrobe is issuing a reminder to pet owners to please be courteous to your neighbors, and also that it is a violation of the City of Latrobe Code to permit your pet to roam unattended off of the owners’ property and to leave dregs on a public or private area.  The owner of a pet shall be responsible for removing any dregs from public or private property as soon as defecation occurs.  Owners can be subject to fines for non-compliance.

Grass Clippings

The City of Latrobe’s Public Works and Code Enforcement Departments want to alert property owners that distributing or blowing grass clippings onto the street or sidewalk is a violation of City of Latrobe Code, and that any person violating this code will be subject to penalties.

  • The City’s Street Sweeper is not equipped to handle the large amounts of grass clippings that are being blown and/or swept into the streets.
  • An accumulation of grass clippings on the streets can obstruct the flow of run-off water to the storm drains, and can clog the drains.
  • Grass clippings can be bagged and placed out for the weekly garbage pick-up.  Note that these bags will need a City required garbage sticker.

Catch Basins

Residents are reminded not to deposit anything into the catch basins.  Catch basins are designed to carry the flow of run-off water to its discharge point.  If foreign objects or materials are placed in the catch basins, such as oil, grass clippings, leaves, concrete, etc…, these materials can clog and/or flood the basin as well as end up in the Loyalhanna Creek.

Electronic Waste Collection

The City will be holding another Electronic Waste Collection at the Greater Latrobe’s Stadium parking lot on Saturday, May 18th from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  This collection event is for City residents only.  Please click here for a list of accepted items.