Building Code Enforcement

Residents are encouraged to report a code violation. Please refer to the City's Code of Ordinances to learn more before reporting a suspected violation. While reports are investigated as soon as possible, a property owner is given time to remedy the violation and bring their property into compliance. As such, a reported violation will NOT be corrected immediately. Contact the Code Enforcement Officer to report a violation.

If you receive a notice of a violation, the notice you receive will specify the amount of time you have to remedy the violation and bring your property into compliance. If you need more time or help to clarify the violation or to figure out a solution, contact the Code Enforcement Officer to work toward a resolution.

Common Violations & Time Periods for Compliance

Code Violation

Compliance Period

High Grass & Weeds

5 Days

Garbage & Debris

10 Days

Loose Animals and Pet Droppings

Immediately to 1 Day

Illegal Vehicles

30 Days

Housing Violations

10 to 60 Days

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