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Police Chief

Chief James Bumar
Chief James Bumar
Chief of Police
901 Jefferson St.
Latrobe, PA 15650
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Roll Call

City of Latrobe Police Department


The following officers of the Latrobe Police Department are those who faithfully served the community of Latrobe and are currently retired from active duty. 

We honor them for their dedication and service to the community and to their fellow officers. 

Without these dedicated men, we would not be the department we are today.



Asbee, Frank Clark, George Elwyn, Learn Ruffner, Maurice
Barkley, William College, Chester Lenz, Donald Sarnese, Daniel
Bebin, George Dunlap, Karl Markosky, John Schisler, Robert
Brantner, Frank Fontaine, Max Micklow, John Sherer, Edward
Buchan, George Frye, Robert Morris, Richard Silvis, William
Buchan, Michael Goblinger, Joseph Munchinski, Joseph Smetanka, John
Buchleitner, Thomas Hauger, Thomas Painter, Harry Stickle, Joseph
Camione, Joseph Hauser, Joseph Plyler, Francis Stiffey, Keith
Caldwell, David Huska, Charles Regula, Max Wechtenhiser, Vernon
Casner, William Lazur, George Roddy, Boyd Weiers, Thomas

Anyone with any information on any officers not on this list, please contact the Latrobe Police department (724) 537-5526 Ext. 13

City of Latrobe • P: 724-539-8548 • Mailing Address: P.O. Box 829, Latrobe, PA  15650 • Physical Address: 901 Jefferson St., Latrobe, PA  15650