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Police Chief

Chief James Bumar
Chief James Bumar
Chief of Police
901 Jefferson St.
Latrobe, PA 15650
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Firearms Training

Each officer of the Latrobe Police Department is issued a Glock sidearm for their duty weapon and are responsible for the cleaning and general maintenance of their own weapons.  

If any problems exist with these weapons the department is covered by two certified Glock Armorers, Sergeant Nunzio SantoColombo and Officer Robert Rummell.  

The armorers are also responsible for shotgun and rifle maintenance, ammunition inventory, and yearly range qualifications.  

City of Latrobe Police DepartmentSantoColombo and Rummell are also certified pistol instructors.  

Along with the Glock sidearms, the Latrobe Police utilize several other weapons including:

  • AR style .223 patrol rifles
  • 12 gauge shotguns
  • 308 police sniper rifle with state of the art optics

Available for less than lethal situations are bean bag rounds and various chemical projectiles.  

Each officer is also trained and equipped with a taser.  All officers are required to qualify with departmental issued weapons annually.  

Officers are also permitted to carry an off-duty handgun of their choosing as long as it is approved by a departmental armorer and the Chief of Police.  

The officers must also qualify with their off-duty weapon before carrying the weapon.  

The officers of the Latrobe Police Department are highly trained and skilled in the use and deployment of all their weapons, meeting all standards of the law and the structured standards of the N.R.A.

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