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Police Chief

Chief James Bumar
Chief James Bumar
Chief of Police
901 Jefferson St.
Latrobe, PA 15650
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Common Questions

Q: Who do I call if I need the police?
A: The Latrobe Police Department is dispatched through 911 for all calls.

Q: Do I need a Police Officer if I am in a minor vehicle accident?
A: If there is not a death, not an injury, and the vehicles involved can be driven from the scene, the police do not need to be involved.  You need to exchange contact information and insurance information with the other operator (s) involved, and be on your way.

Q: Should I Notify police for a stray dog?
A: No, the police do not have the equipment nor the facility to contain dogs or cats.  You must contact Hoffman Kennels at (724) 468-5505.  Hoffman Kennels is the City of Latrobe's contracted dog control officer.

Q: I own an apartment and I am having problems with tenants not complying to their lease, will the police help me?
A: No, this falls under the Landlord Tenant Law and is a civil matter.  The police will only assist if there is a criminal issue.  Contact the local District Justice.

Q: I found a hypodermic needle in my yard, will the police come and get it?
A: Yes, the police will properly dispose of drug paraphernalia.

Q: My Ex-husband is late returning our child from a weekend visit, will the police go and get my child?
A: No,custody issues are a civil matter.  Unless the child is in danger, or there may be criminal activity involved, the police do not get involved.  Contact the attorney or legal agency who prepared the custody order.

Q: Can I burn leaves in my yard?
A: No, There is no open burning permitted in the City of Latrobe.

Q: My neighbor has a junk vehicle in his yard, will the police remove it?
A: Junk on private property is handled by Code Enforcement (724) 537-3580.  If a junk vehicle is on the street or it is unregistered or uninspected, the police will remove it after a 48 hour warning notice is issued.

Q: Someone parked a vehicle in my private lot, will the police remove it?
A: No, if a vehicle is parked on private property you can contact a towing service and have the vehicle removed at the vehicle owners expense.

Q: Who is the District Justice for the City of Latrobe?
A: District Justice Michael Mahady (724) 539-7170

Q: There is someone parked outside my residence in front of my house in my parking space, will the police have them move?
A: No, All street parking in the City of Latrobe is public.  As long is a vehicle is street legal it may park in front or your residence without violation. Some ordinances do not permit certain types of special vehicles to park on the street for extended time periods.

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