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Police Chief

Chief James Bumar
Chief James Bumar
Chief of Police
901 Jefferson St.
Latrobe, PA 15650
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City of Latrobe Police Department Traffic EnforcementA large part of the Latrobe Police Department's patrol duties is traffic enforcement.  

Traffic enforcement is generated by an officer viewing a violation, citizen complaints of a problem area, or information received and investigations of traffic accidents.  

Speed checks and traffic signs and signal checks in targeted areas are also a big part of our traffic enforcement.  The speeding problem is addressed by checks using two mechanical speed timing devices, ENRAD and VASCAR.  

All officers are trained and certified on these devices.  

Traffic duties also include the investigation of reportable traffic accidents.  

The police department responds to an average of 20 traffic accidents a month.  

Sergeant Nunzio SantoColombo supervises the traffic detail and assigns traffic details.  

If you have a traffic problem in your area, or noncompliant drivers, contact Sergeant SantoColombo (724) 537-5526 Ext. 57

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