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September 2016


Mayor Wolford called to order the Regular Monthly Meeting of Latrobe City Council at 6:30   P.M.

Mayor Wolford asked all to rise for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Wolford asked all for a moment of silence.

The City Secretary read Roll Call:

Eric Bartels - present
John Murtha – present
Robert Forish - present
Deputy Mayor Gerald Baldonieri - present
Julie Bisi - present
Mayor Rosemarie Wolford - present

Also present were the following: Wayne B. Jones, City Manager;  Zachary Kansler, Solicitor; James Bumar, Police Chief;  Michael Gray, Working Foreman for Public Works; John Brasile, Fire Chief.

Mr. Bartels moved to adopt the August 8, 2016 minutes, second by Ms. Bisi.  Vote 6-0.


Total Expenses                        $294,285.92
Total Payroll                            144,257.77
GRAND TOTAL                     $438,543.69


Treasurer’s Report

See attachment “A”      

Police Report

See attachment “B”

Public Works Report

See attachment “C”

Fire Report

See attachment’s “D”

Code Report

See attachment’s “E”

Tax Collector’s Report

See attachment “F”

Mr. Murtha moved to approve the reports and bills presented for payment, second by Mr. Forish.  Vote 6-0.

CITIZENS’ REQUESTS (related to agenda)



Finance Committee– Bisi, Wolford.

No report

Public Safety and Public Works Committee– Bartels, Forish

No report

Personnel Committee–  Murtha, Wolford

No report

Events Committee– Baldonieri, Murtha.

Mr. Baldonieri reported that the Banana Split Festival went good and the 5K was phenomenal with 243 runners and 73 walkers.  He said we had a lot of people in town.  There has not been a close out meeting yet.

Parking Committee– Bartels, Baldonieri, Forish.

Mr. Forish reported a meeting is scheduled for the 27th and will sit down with the Authority about what needs done.

GLSD Student Showcase Committee -  Bisi, Murtha

Ms. Bisi reported that the committee needs to figure out what they are going to do for recognition.




Public Works Department -  No report.

Police Department– Chief Bumar reported that two parents called concerning kids waiting for the bus at Dunkin Donuts on Lloyd Avenue.  Apparently, the drive-thru is dangerous for the children.  He said we at least need a watch children sign where the drive thru exits, or change the bus stop.  Chief Bumar also reported that the James and Lincoln intersection is a hazard for children walking to the Elementary School.  He stated he will try to get an Officer or the Fire Police at that intersection.  Chief Bumar reported that a tragic accident happened on September 2, 2016 when a missing woman was found to have fatally fallen off a cliff.  He said it is a very compromising area and was dangerous recovering her body.  Chief Bumar commended the Officers and Fire Department, and especially K-9 Officer Derk and Sergeant Nunzio Santo Colombo for the work they did that night, and Sergeant Nunzio Santo Colombo’s compassion for the family.

Mayor Wolford commended them for their diligence and going above and beyond the call of duty.

Mr. Bartels asked about Mr. P’s intersection.

Chief Bumar replied it is not our property.

Fire Department– No report.

Code Enforcement  - No report.


                                                                        RESOLUTION 2016-33

                                                                        Authorizing the City Manager to sign Penn DOT 2017 Impaired Driving Grant Documents.  Mr. Baldonieri moved to adopt this resolution, second by Mr. Bartels.  Vote 6-0.


Mayor Wolford stated we have three very good qualified candidates that applied for the open council position and thanked them for their interest.

Mayor Wolford opened the floor for nominations to the vacant council position.

Mr. Bartels nominated Ralph Jenko.

Ms. Bisi nominated Christine Weller.

Mayor asked for any other nominations and there being none, closed the nominations.

Mr. Murtha made a motion to accept the nomination of Christine Weller, second by Mr. Forish.

                                                                        RESOLUTION 2016-34

                                                                        Appointing Christine M. Weller to the Council of the City of Latrobe.  Vote:  Murtha – Yes, Baldonieri – Yes, Bartels – No, Bisi – Yes, Forish – Yes, Mayor Wolford – Yes.  Vote 5- Yes, 1- No.

                                                                        RESOLUTION 2016-35

                                                                        Amending Chapter 256, Section 256-58, Schedule XII, Parking permit rate.  Mr. Bartels moved to adopt this resolution, second by Ms. Bisi.  Vote 6-0.

Mr. Murtha made a motion to authorize the solicitor to prepare and advertise an ordinance adopting a Personnel Policy allowing City of Latrobe employees to donate sick days and personal days to other City of Latrobe employees, second by Mr. Forish.  Vote 6-0.


Mr. Bartels made a motion to authorize the Solicitor to prepare and advertise an ordinance regulating the use of small recreational fire pits within the City of Latrobe, second by Mr. Baldonieri.  Vote 4-Yes, 2-No (Forish, Murtha)

Mayor Wolford suggested they have to register with the City with a $50 fee each year and we can give the money to the Fire Department.

Fire Chief Brasile arrived and Mayor Wolford asked him if he has a Department Report.

Fire Chief reiterated what Police Chief Bumar said about the missing person tragedy.  He commended Detective Sleasman, K-9 Officer Derk, and Sergeant Nunzio Santo Colombo who were all instrumental in taking charge of the situation and were all very professional.

He said the Banana Split Festival went very well and thanked the Police, Fire, Public Works and the Code Officer for all their help.

Gerry Baldonieri, who Co-Chaired the 5K run at the Banana Split Festival, thanked the Fire and Police Department for traffic control.


Mayor Wolford reported that Halloween will be held Saturday, October 29, 2016, the weekend before Halloween day.  She said the Lions Club sponsors the parade and following the parade will be Trick or Treat from 5:00 to 7:00 P.M.

Mr. Murtha asked about the electronic sign.

City Manager Jones stated the company we get the sign from is having a hardware problem.

Mayor Wolford said the Student Showcase is planning to honor students that went to Haiti for community help at the same time our Police Chief was their doing missionary work.  Chief Bumar wants these students that are from various schools, to be awarded and commended for their work in Haiti.  He said they were subjected to a very disparate situation and never complained about anything and were very loving and mature.  Chief Bumar will present a slideshow at the September 26th Agenda Work Session Meeting.

Ms. Bisi said we should be consistent with the awards, and that the greatest reward these students receive is the opportunity to share their experience, to publicly speak, and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.




Tim Sabota of 224 Avenue B addressed council regarding Battaglia’s Bar and Restaurant and the noise level from bands playing there.  He requested the City revise the Chapter 214 Noise Ordinance, as police have no authority until 10:00 P.M.

Solicitor Kansler said a nuisance is an unreasonable interference with ones use and enjoyment of one’s property.  Solicitor is to research the matter.


City Manager Wayne Jones reported to Council that he is working on the budget.  He said the Finance Committee is to review it and all can discuss it at the Agenda meeting.  Mr. Jones reported that this year we are 6% ahead on revenue collection and expenses are to the good by 3%.


Mayor Wolford thanked everybody involved in the Banana Split Festival.  She said it was a good event.  She again said Halloween is October 29 with Trick or Treat from 5:00 to 7:00 P.M.  Mayor Wolford thanked Chief Bumar and Fire Chief Brasile for keeping us safe and for all they do.  She said to Mike, the Public Works Director, that the streets are looking good.

Mr. Baldonieri thanked Craig and his Park and Recreation staff for handling the Banana Split 5K Run.

Mayor said with recreation and revitalization we are moving in the right direction.

Mr. Forish made a motion to adjourn, second by Mr. Baldonieri.  Vote 6-0.

Regular Meeting of Council adjourned at 7:32 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,
Barbara J. Buck, Secretary



Latrobe, PA

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