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October 2015




Mayor Wolford called the Regular Monthly Meeting of Latrobe City Council to order at 6:37 P.M.

Mayor Wolford asked all to rise for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Wolford asked all for a moment of silence.

The City Secretary read Roll Call:

Fabian Giovannagelo - present

Madalyn Smith – present

Trisha Caldwell-Cravener – present

Deputy Mayor Michael Skapura - absent

Gerald Baldonieri - present

Julie Bisi - absent

Mayor Rosemarie Wolford - present


Also present were the following: Wayne B. Jones, City Manager; James E. Kelley, Solicitor; John Brasile, Fire Chief; Ann Powell, Code Enforcement Officer.

Mrs. Caldwell-Cravener moved to adopt the September 14, 2015 minutes, second by Mr. Giovannagelo.  Vote 5-0.


Total Expenses                      $286,271.82

Total Payroll                              95,805.96


GRAND TOTAL                    $382,077.78



Treasurer’s Report

See attachment “A”      

Police Report

See attachment “B”

Public Works Report

See attachment “C”

Fire Report

See attachment’s “D”

Code Report

See attachment’s “E”

Tax Collector’s Report

See attachment “F”


Mr. Baldonieri moved to approve the reports and bills presented for payment, second by Mrs. Smith.  Vote 5-0.


CITIZENS’ REQUESTS (related to agenda)

James Miller of 127 E. 4th Avenue asked if all Council have read the proposed police agreement.  Mr. Miller stated that two firefighters were killed in St. Louis, Missouri and he wants to thank our Police and Fire Department for all they do.  Mr. Miller brought up that it still has not been determined the cause of arsons in town.

Mayor Wolford stated that we all should thank the First Responders every day.

Elizabeth Pugner, on behalf of Scotty G’s, addressed council regarding the dumpster situation in their alley.  She said the dumpster is being moved by someone.

Mayor Wolford said that in the past the adjoining property did not have a business and the  dumpster for Scotty G’s was able to be placed on the neighboring property, but now there is a business there and the dumpster needs to be on their own property.

City Manager Jones stated that the garbage company placed the dumpster in the spot it needs to be in and it needs to remain there.

Mayor Wolford said we want to be business friendly and that applies to all businesses; you cannot place your property on another business property.

Mrs. Pugner mentioned that the dumpster is now by their ventilation system and may not be allowed by the Department of Health.

Mayor Wolford stated again that their dumpster cannot be on another property.



Finance Committee – None.


Public Safety Committee– Mr. Baldonieri reported that there will be a speaker at the November 2 Neighborhood Watch meeting at 6:30.  The speaker is Michelle Brant from Westmoreland County Children’s Bureau.


Personnel Committee– Mrs. Caldwell-Cravener reported that council will vote on the new Police Contract tonight. 


Public Works Committee– None.


Community Development Committee – None.


Mayor Wolford reported for the Park and Recreation Committee stating that the next meeting will be Thursday in the Green Room.



Public Works –None.

Police– None.

Fire – Chief Brasile reported that at the State Fireman’s Convention held in Lake Harmony, PA at the end of September they took first place in their division for Marching Band and the Band took Third Place.

Code Enforcement– Mrs. Powell reported that the Walnut Street problem is on notice and the vehicles are gone.



                                                                        ORDINANCE 2015-7

                                                                        An Ordinance repealing Ordinance No. 1993-4 and further providing that in certain fire losses the insurance company, association or exchange shall transfer insurance proceeds to a designated officer of the City of Latrobe as a portion of the insurance proceeds to be held as security against the total cost of removing, repairing, or securing the damaged building, providing for fees, providing for penalties for violation and setting forth procedures and requirements pertaining to such insurance proceeds and to the implementation of said legislation in the city.  Mrs. Caldwell- Cravener moved to enact this ordinance, second by Mr. Baldonieri.  Vote 5-0

                                                                        RESOLUTION 2015-37

                                                                        Authorizing purchase of additional Electronic Message Center.  Mrs. Smith moved to adopt this resolution, second by Mr. Baldonieri.  Vote 5-0.



                                                                        ORDINANCE 2015-8

                                                                        Amending Chapter 256, Vehicles and Traffic; Section 256-51, Schedule V: Parking prohibited at all times; Section 256-54, Permit parking.  Mr. Baldonieri moved to enact this ordinance, second by Mrs. Smith.  Vote 5-0. 

                                                                        RESOLUTION 2015-38

                                                                        Approving agreement with the Latrobe Police Department for a collective bargaining agreement to extend from January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2019.  Mrs. Caldwell-Cravener moved to adopt this resolution, second by Mr. Baldonieri.  Vote 4-Yes, 1-Abstain (Giovannagelo).



                                                                        RESOLUTION 2015-39

                                                                        Authorizing the execution of a Cost Allocation Agreement to the 1973 Service Agreement.  Mrs. Caldwell-Cravener moved to adopt this resolution, second by Mrs. Smith.  Vote 5-0.

                                                                        RESOLUTION 2015-40

                                                                        Authorizing the execution of the Consent Order and Agreement for the Act 537 plan.  Mrs. Caldwell-Cravener moved to adopt this resolution, second by Mr. Giovannagelo.  Vote 5-0.


Mr. Giovannagelo stated that Mr. Bush and Mr. Bumar said last month there was not a problem with moving the jersey barrier on Bank Lane.

Mayor Wolford said we are going to send an email to WCCC & RR to notify them that the road will be open on November 15, 2015.  This gives them thirty days to respond.


Mayor Wolford asked the Solicitor for a proclamation for “Ice Cream Joe” to present to him on October 26, 2015 at the Chamber Dinner.

Mayor Wolford stated the October 26th Council Meeting is moved to October 27th, as a majority of Council will be attending the Chamber Dinner Award Ceremony.


James Miller of 127 E. 4th Avenue thanked Ann Powell, John Brasile and Joe Bush for coming over and checking safety issues concerning the leaning tree.  Ann & Joe checked the property and placed padlocks on the doors.

Mr. Miller stated the safety issue was not completed due to West Penn Power saying it is not a safety issue.

Mr. Miller requested a proclamation for Ron Weimer.

Mayor told Mr. Miller there was a proclamation for Mr. Weimer in the past, and Mr. Weimer was very deserving of the award.


City Manager Wayne Jones reported that we are entering 2016 budget time and he is looking for a budget committee.

Mayor Wolford said the Mr. Skapura and Mrs. Smith are still the members of the budget committee.


Mayor Wolford thanked whoever gave her the “Letter to the Editor” that was written by a person from Scotland that was overwhelmed by a Latrobe gentleman that gave him a ride to Ligonier when they were not able to get a taxi.  He said how friendly Latrobe is.

Mayor Wolford said she is extending a welcome to Victoria Pickett who holds the title of International Junior Miss.  Mayor said that Victoria’s grandfather was Bob Rubino, President of Teledyne ALVAC, and lived on Tacoma Avenue.  Mayor said that Victoria’s mother was a good friend of hers and she has invited them to a Council Meeting to celebrate her success story.

Mayor reported that the Halloween Parade will be held October 31, 2016.

Mayor reported that the Lehigh Building is coming down and extended a thank you to Chad Ireland and the management team of Lehigh, Whemco, April Kopas, Joe Petrarca for their help in getting this to happen.  She thanked Lehigh for their community involvement and for recognizing how important this it to Latrobe’s revitalization. 


Mayor Wolford then gave the floor to Solicitor Kelley.

Solicitor James E. Kelley, Jr. announced that he is retiring as Solicitor.  He said he has lived here for thirty-seven years and started working for Latrobe when Gene McDonald was the Solicitor.  Mr. Kelley took over as Solicitor in 1995 and said that it has been a good thing to represent Latrobe.

Mayor Wolford said we appreciate his service to Latrobe.


Mr. Baldonieri stated that the Lincoln Trail path is paved and people are using it already.

Mr. Giovannagelo made a motion to adjourn, second by Mrs. Caldwell-Cravener.  Vote 5-0.

Regular Meeting of Council adjourned at 7:30 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,

Barbara J. Buck, Secretary




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