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July 2015


MONDAY, JULY 13, 2015


Mayor Wolford called the Regular Monthly Meeting of Latrobe City Council to order at 6:30 P.M.

Mayor Wolford asked all to rise for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Wolford asked all for a moment of silence.

The City Secretary read Roll Call:

Fabian Giovannagelo - present

Madalyn Smith – present

Trisha Caldwell-Cravener – present

Deputy Mayor Michael Skapura - present

Gerald Baldonieri - present

Julie Bisi - present

Mayor Rosemarie Wolford - present


Also present were the following: Wayne B. Jones, City Manager; James E. Kelley, Solicitor; Joe Bush, Public Works Director; John Brasile, Fire Chief.

Mrs. Smith moved to adopt the June 8, 2015 minutes, second by Mr. Baldonieri. Vote 7-0.


Total Expenses                      $227,647.59

Total Payroll                              94,458.98


GRAND TOTAL                    $322,106.57



Treasurer’s Report

See attachment “A”      

Police Report

See attachment “B”

Public Works Report

See attachment “C”

Fire Report

See attachment’s “D”

Code Report

See attachment’s “E”

Tax Collector’s Report

See attachment “F”


Mr. Skapura moved to approve the reports and bills presented for payment, second by Mrs. Caldwell-Cravener.  Vote 7-0.


CITIZENS’ REQUESTS (related to agenda)

James Miller of 127 E. 4th Avenue asked if item B.3. under Public Works Department on the agenda is related to Ligonier/Main Street accident.  Mr. Miller stated he thinks that pole has been knocked down in the past and we should stop trucks from making right turns there, and if we do not stop them by approving the motion and next month’s ordinance then council should approve installing a camera there to catch the trucks that are hitting the pole.  He said then we could have their insurance pay instead of ours.



Finance Committee – None.


Public Safety Committee– Mr. Baldonieri reported that the Neighborhood Watch meetings would not be held during the summer months.


Personnel Committee– Mr. Skapura reported that we have begun the initial stages of F.O.P. negotiations for the Police Contract that expires the end of this year.


Public Works Committee– None.

Community Development Committee – None.







Public Works -Public Works Director Joseph Bush reported that the CDBG and Paving bid opening was this morning and will be reviewed by Gibson-Thomas to make sure the bids meet all criteria.  Mr. Bush reported that due to the rain line-painting, pothole patching etc. is delayed, so please be patient.

Police– None.

Fire – None.

Code Enforcement– None.



Mr. Giovannagelo made a motion to authorize the Solicitor to prepare and advertise an Ordinance amending Chapter 256 to delete prohibited parking on the South side of Grant Street, add permit parking on both sides of Grant Street from Anderson Street to East Harrison Avenue, and amend any sections to make fines consistent, second by Mrs. Caldwell-Cravener.  Vote 7-0.



                                                                        RESOLUTION 2015-22

                                                                        Authorizing contribution to Westmoreland Cleanways for Household Hazardous Waste Sponsorship.  Mr. Giovannagelo moved to adopt this resolution, second by Ms. Bisi.  Vote 7-0.

                                                                        RESOLUTION 2015-23

                                                                        Approving Winter Traffic Service Agreement with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.  Mr. Skapura moved to adopt this resolution, second by Ms. Bisi.  Vote 7-0.

Mr. Skapura made a motion to authorize the Solicitor to prepare and advertise an ordinance to restrict usage by trucks with a gross motor vehicle weight in excess of 26,000 lbs. on Ligonier Street from the Northerly side of the intersection of Gertrude Street and Ligonier Street on the South to the Southerly side of the intersection of Main Street and Ligonier Street on the North, second by Mr. Baldonieri.  Vote 7-0.

                                                                        RESOLUTION 2015-24

                                                                        Authorizing a temporary closing of Bank Lane from Water Street to Jefferson Street on a temporary basis.  Mr. Baldonieri moved to adopt this resolution, second by Ms. Bisi.  Vote 4-Yes, 3-No (Giovannagelo, Smith, Caldwell-Cravener).

Before vote on Resolution 2015-24 discussions ensued amongst Council regarding ownership, usage and safety evaluation of Bank Lane


Mrs. Caldwell-Cravener asked the status on bathrooms being closed at Legion Keener Park at 3:00 p.m.

Mayor Wolford said she would bring up the subject to Jeanne Ashley and at the Commission meeting.




Jim Bolton of 225 Irving Avenue told Council he likes having his cars serviced at L&L Quik Lube and said the alley behind there is now dangerous at the bridge.  He said they are hurting L&L by not giving them access.  Mr. Bolton thinks the school is in trouble financially. He disagrees with the creation of Lincoln Avenue trail and wonders what the neighbors think of a ten-foot walkway that is to cost $600,000.  He believes the cost will be $1,000,000.  Mr. Bolton stated when you spend this kind of money it should benefit the majority and not just a few.  Mr. Bolton stated he has never seen an audit from Parks and Recreation.

Mayor Wolford said they have an audit every year and he can call or stop in and request a copy.

Jeff Miller of 416 Fairmont Street stated he spoke to council about a year ago regarding a rat infestation at a neighboring property.  He stated the house behind him is falling in and he is still seeing rates in that yard.

City Manager Jones said April with the Land Bank is looking into it.

Mr. Miller said it is a different property and that 415 Walnut is the property he is speaking of.

City Manager Jones stated he would talk to the Code Officer and look into it.

Ben Komlos of 410 Fairmont Street also complained about this property and said he has offered the property owner help to clean it up.  He stated he also saw rats coming from that house.

Solicitor Kelley stated the city can ask to look in the house and if refused we could apply for an Administrative Warrant with probable cause.

Mayor Wolford and City Manager Jones will follow up on this problem.

K.J. Colamer of 617 Walnut Street stated he formerly worked for the County and that a similar problem property was bulldozed after he filed a complaint with the Department of Labor and Industry.

Council does not think Labor and Industry are involved with this type of problem anymore.

James Miller of 127 E. 4th Avenue would appreciate if Council, Police, Ann, and the Fire Department would look at 125 E. 4th Avenue, located beside him, and do something about a tree that is leaning and has vines growing over power lines.  He said it is a safety problem.  Mr. Miller suggested a port-a-potty to temporarily solve the problem with the bathrooms being closed early at Legion Keener Park.

Mayor said he should go to the Park and Recreation Board meeting on the third Thursday each month.


City Manager Wayne Jones reported that he met with the Mayor, Chief Bumar and WCCC.  The grand opening is scheduled for September 17, 2015.  Mr. Jones reported that he met with the Police and will have a meeting with Personnel Committee.  City Manager stated at the next meeting we would prospectively approve street lighting to LED’s.


Mayor Wolford thanked Fire Department, Police Department, 4th of July Committee for a great event.  Mayor Wolford reported that the Steelers Fest will be held July 31, 2015 and Nation Night Out event will be held August 4, 2015.

Mayor Wolford adjourned the regular meeting of council.

Regular Meeting of Council adjourned at 7:39 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,

Barbara J. Buck, Secretary





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