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January 2014 Organizational





The Honorable Judge Christopher A. Feliciani administered the Oath of Office to Mayor Rosemarie M. Wolford, Council Member Julie Bisi, Council Member Trisha Caldwell-Cravener, and Council Member Gerald Baldonieri.  They all respectively signed their Oath’s of Office. 

Out-going Mayor Griffin Passed the Gavel to newly sworn-in Mayor Wolford.


Mayor Wolford called the Organizational Meeting to order at 6:36 P.M.

Mayor Wolford asked all to rise for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Pastor Mike Bobula of the Latrobe First Church of God representing the Greater Latrobe Ministerium gave the Invocation.

The City Secretary read Roll Call:

Fabian Giovannagelo - present

Trisha Caldwell-Cravener - present

Michael Skapura - present

Gerald Baldonieri - present

Julie Bisi - present

Mayor Rosemarie M. Wolford - present


Also present were the following:  James E. Kelley, Solicitor; Joseph Bush, Director Public Works; James Bumar, Police Chief; Ann Powell, Code Enforcement Officer.


Mayor Wolford thanked everyone for coming out on this bitter cold night and said it is an honor and a privilege to serve as Mayor of Latrobe.  Mayor Wolford thanked everyone who supported and encouraged her especially her Dad.  She stated she is committed to live up to the trust given to her as Mayor and will conduct herself with integrity, fiscal responsibility, transparency, and a work ethic fitting to the town and the way she was raised.  She thanked the out-going Mayor Barbara Griffin and Council Members Kenneth Baldonieri, Robert Forish, and Richard Jim for their dedication and service to the community during their term in office and their commitment and dedication to Latrobe does not go unnoticed, and hope they will stay involved in some capacity.  Mayor Wolford stated she has learned much from working with them and thanked them for giving their time to public service.  Mayor Wolford welcomed the new members of Council Gerald Baldonieri, Trisha Caldwell-Cravener, and Julie Bisi.  Mayor said she looks forward to working with them and stated it is encouraging to see new and interested residents wanting to get involved.  Mayor said as elected officials we are standing on the shoulders of many individuals who held elected office before us and we must be dedicated to service of all citizens of Latrobe.  She stated there is a lot of work to do to make a good community become a great community, and although it will be challenging and frustrating at times, it will also be rewarding and sometimes even fun.  We must all work together and accomplish great things for the City of Latrobe.  Mayor stated we are all here for the same reason; we want our Hometown to thrive and be a viable place to live, invest, work, worship, and play.


Mayor Wolford opened the floor for nominations of Deputy Mayor.

Mr. Giovannagelo nominated Mike Skapura for Deputy Mayor.

Mayor Wolford asked for any other nominations.

There being none, Mayor Wolford closed nominations for Deputy Mayor.

Roll Call Vote taken for Mike Skapura as Deputy Mayor.  Vote 5-0.



Appointment of Deputy Mayor.  Mr. Giovannagelo moved to adopt his resolution, second by Mrs. Caldwell-Cravener.  Vote 5-0.


Appointing City Secretary.  Mr. Baldonieri moved to adopt this resolution, second by Mr. Skapura.  Vote 6-0.


Appointing City Solicitor.  Mr. Giovannagelo moved to adopt this resolution, second by Mr. Baldonieri.  Vote 6-0.



Mayor Wolford adjourned Organizational Meeting of Council at 6:45 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,

Barbara J. Buck, City Secretary



Latrobe, PA

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