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July 2013


MONDAY, JULY 8, 2013


Mayor Griffin called the Regular Monthly Meeting of Latrobe City Council to order at 6:30 P.M.

Mayor Griffin asked all to rise for the Pledge of Allegiance.

The City Secretary read Roll Call:

Fabian Giovannagelo - absent

Richard Jim - present

Rosemarie Wolford – present

Michael Skapura - present

Deputy Mayor Kenneth Baldonieri - present

Robert Forish - present

Mayor Barbara Griffin - present


Also present were the following: Alexander J. Graziani, City Manager; James E. Kelley, Solicitor; Joseph Bush, Public Works Director; James Bumar, Police Chief; John Brasile, Fire Chief.

Mr. Skapura moved to adopt the June 10, 2013 minutes, second by Mr. Forish. Vote 6-0.


Total Expenses                       $444,568.64

Total Payroll                                95,067.99


GRAND TOTAL                   $539,636.63


Treasurer’s Report

See attachment “A”      

Police Report

See attachment “B”

Public Works Report

See attachment “C”

Fire Report

See attachment’s “D”

Code Report

See attachment’s “E”

Tax Collector’s Report

See attachment “F”

Mrs. Wolford moved to approve the reports and bills presented for payment, second by Mr. Baldonieri.  Vote 6-0.

Mayor Griffin presented a Special Recognition for Latrobe Kinder-Schull for achieving National recognition from the National Association for the Education of Young Children and the Keystone STAR4 the highest level for quality early care and education.


Jim Bolton of 205 Irving Avenue spoke to council regarding the last Agenda Meeting stating that he saw nothing new but to get rid of two Fire Companies.  Mr. Bolton gave a brief history of the Fire Departments and stated that the EIP consultant for the Fire Department background papers did not mean a lick to him.  Mr. Bolton stated that when he gives a check to organizations it is his own free will as a citizen.  He stated that this building is a big white elephant and uses $33,000 in electric.  He said we pay more in electric for this building than all four Fire Stations combined.  He said we could be activated by 911, but realize you would cut down on response time.

Mrs. Wolford stated that nobody on council ever said we were going to do any of the recommendations from the EIP Consultants and that council recognizes the Fire Department do all their own fundraising.

Don Griner, the AFSCME Representative for the city employees stated no negotiations occurred with respect to planned subcontracting of the Transfer Station work.  He said he spoke with the City Manager and question may be answered tonight.  He told council that some AFSCME members said one of these consultants said there is now reason she as a  businessperson would want to keep the Transfer Station.  Mr. Griner stated this makes him question their judgment.  He said the last two years made two million gross and last year $900,000 net.

Mr. Jim apologized that the city did not meet with Mr. Griner, as they should have.  Mr. Jim said our legal counsel originally said the city could get rid of drivers and now changed their opinion.

Don Griner will set up date to get together with Alex,

Susan Leonard of Chestnut Street said the Delmont Police walk beat patrols and wants to know if the Latrobe Police can do this.

Nick Molitor of 513 Weldon Street questioned how much to hire a consultant.

Mr. Jim said Delta Development Consultants was $86,000.00

Mrs. Wolford said approximately 50% was paid from state grant.

Mr. Jim said the Cable Franchise Consultant would cost $13,000.00.

Mr. Molitor asked how much it would cost to fix the alley between Ridge Avenue and Truman Avenue between Weldon and Spring Streets.

Public Works Director Joseph Bush said he will look at it and maybe can patch it.


Mr. Jim reported on behalf of the Sanitation Committee that the budget show $700,000.00 expected in Transfer Station revenue and to date the revenue is $246,291.00 which is substantially off budget.

Mr. Jim said last meeting they recommended raising the minimum fee for the first 200 pounds from $8.00 to $12.00, as Delta Development reported in the financial plan that the cost is $13.98 per transaction.


Mr. Jim reported that Latrobe Municipal Authority did enter appearance in reference to appeal of the UTMA and Unity Township Supervisors.  Rather than challenge DEP, the Authority in fact is attempting to satisfy any deficiencies in our plan.

Police Chief Bumar reported the Police Department was very busy this week with the 4th of July and compliments his Officers with a job well done.  There were no major incidents.  Chief Bumar reported that the accreditation is three quarters of the way done, and they will need to do a few building renovations including lights in cells, separate Police side of building from Administration section, and separation of items in the evidence room.  Chief stated we are looking forward to Steelers’ Day.

Fire Chief Brasile thanked the Fire Department, who took time away from the families, for serving the community during the Fourth of July festivities.  Chief Brasile reported there is still an issue with illegal fireworks in the community and explained that the City is liable for fires caused by the fireworks.



Approving an agreement for Police services with Saint Vincent College and authorizing entering into an Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement with Unity Township.  Mr. Baldonieri moved to adopt this resolution, second by Mr. Forish.  Vote 6-0.

Agreement is for one year and then month to month at $95.00 per hour.



Authorizing the City Manager to hire the Cohen Law Group to represent the City in cable television in franchise agreement negotiations.  Mrs. Wolford moved to adopt this resolution, second by Mr. Skapura.  Vote 6-0.


Requesting grant funding from the Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program for the Lincoln Avenue Trail and Greenway Park.  Mr. Baldonieri moved to adopt this resolution, second by Mrs. Wolford.  Vote 6-0.

Mrs. Wolford explained the City has to be the applicant for the CFA grant and City Manager Alex Graziani stated the city has committed $35,000 for this grant project that is the same as the previous grant application and payment of our portion will span two years.


Mr. Skapura made a motion to reject all bids for a sanitation contract submitted, to the June 10, 2013 meeting, second by Mr. Baldonieri.  Vote 6-0.






Mr. Graziani stated his report is as written (see attachment G).  He requested that council look at the budget overview as six months have been completed and we have a sharper focus on expenditures and revenues for the year.  He encouraged all to schedule appointments with him for discussion.


Mayor Griffin stated she agrees with the Police Chief and Fire Chief regarding the departments doing a great job with the Fourth of July festivities.

Mayor appointed Sanitation Committee members as Mr. Baldonieri, Mr. Giovannagelo, and Mr. Skapura.  She said that Officer Derk and Officer Sherer of the Police Department will meet with the Police Committee and anyone else that would like to meet.  The Police Committee includes Mr. Baldonieri, and Mr. Skapura.

Mrs. Wolford made a motion to adjourn the Regular Meeting of Council, second by Mr. Jim.  Vote 6-0.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,

Barbara J. Buck, Secretary





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