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July 2012


MONDAY, JULY 9, 2012




Mayor Griffin called to order the Regular Meeting of Latrobe City Council at 6:30 P.M.

Mayor Griffin asked all to rise for the Pledge of Allegiance.

The City Secretary read Roll Call:

Fabian Giovannagelo - present

Richard Jim - present

Rosemarie Wolford – present

Michael Skapura - present

Deputy Mayor Kenneth Baldonieri - present

Robert Forish - present

Mayor Barbara Griffin - present



Also present were the following: Alexander J. Graziani, City Manager; James E. Kelley, Solicitor; James Bumar, Police Chief; John Brasile, Fire Chief; Ann Powell, Code Enforcement Officer; Joseph Bush, Public Works Director.

Mr. Baldonieri moved to adopt the June 11, 2012 minutes, second by Mr. Wolford. Vote 7-0.


Total Expenses                       $212,255.41

Total Payroll                           100,870.78


GRAND TOTAL                     $313,126.19




Treasurer’s Report

See attachment “A”      

Police Report

See attachment “B”

Public Works Report

See attachment “C”

Fire Report

See attachment’s “D”

Code Report

See attachment’s “E”

Tax Collector’s Report

See attachment “F”


Mr. Baldonieri moved to approve the reports and bills presented for payment, second by Mr. Skapura. Vote 7-0.



James Miller of 214 Minehan commented on the Falbo encroachment license on the agenda for action by Council. Mr. Miller asked if it was presented to Planning Commission and Zoning Hearing Board, as he thinks it should be looked at before anything is passed. Mr. Miller also questioned the proposed agenda item allowing the Community Service Officer to participate in the City’s Health Insurance Plan.

Solicitor Kelley explained that the proposed encroachment easement is for a fence and is in the public right-of-way. Since it is on city property it does not go through the Planning Commission or the Zoning Hearing Board.

Curk Fry of 228 Lloyd Avenue questioned how much the City is paying Lawn Rx to spray the creek bank. He stated that he sprayed along River Avenue and in three days the weeds were dead, while Lawn Rx sprayed a week and a half ago and the weeds are still green. He stated the City might be getting a watered down solution and not receiving what we need.






Chief of Police James Bumar reported that the Fourth of July went well and he is proud of his Department.

Fire Chief John Brasile reported that the Fourth of July went off without a hitch. There were no incidents and all went well.




RESOLUTION 2012-39 Acceptance of bid and awarding contract – Paving. Mr. Skapura moved to adopt this resolution, second by Mr. Baldonieri. Vote 7-0. (see attachment “G” bid tabulation)

RESOLUTION 2012-40 Acceptance of bid and awarding contract for the 2012 Community Development Block Grant Paving Program. Mrs. Wolford moved to adopt this resolution, second by Mr. Skapura. Vote 7-0. (see attachment “H” bid tabulation)

ORDINANCE 2012-7 An ordinance to authorize and require the vacating and closing of a portion of a twenty five foot alley situate in the sixth ward of the City of Latrobe bounded on the east by property of Lawrence Henry, and Kathleen Henry his wife, and property of Adelphoi USA, Inc., bounded on the west by other lands of Adelphoi USA, Inc., bounded on the south by the southerly lot line extended of parcel identified as tax map 15-03-13-0-025; and on the north by the southerly right of way line of Pennsylvania state Route 981 as known and designated as Lloyd Avenue. Mr. Baldonieri moved to enact this ordinance, second by Mr. Forish. 5-Yes, 2-No (Skapura, Giovannagelo)


Council Member Jim requested the following to be part of the formal minutes. Solicitor Dan Hewitt, representing Adelphoi in the Land Development Plan, agreed to allow public access to the Loyalhanna Creek for pedestrian and bicycle traffic and will not deny reasonable access and will draw up an agreement to execute between the parties.


Solicitor Kelley read a proposed resolution authorizing an easement to Unity Township Municipal Authority for a sewer line at the Transfer Station on Mission Road.


City Manager requested of Council not to grant the easement as represented on the current drawing. He is not satisfied that it is in the best interest of the city based on the current drawing.

Mrs. Wolford made a motion to table the proposed easement, second by Mr. Baldonieri. Vote 7-0. Tabled until the August 13, 2012 meeting.


RESOLUTION 2012-41 Authorizing encroachment license agreement with Jacob M. Falbo. Mr. Skapura moved to adopt this resolution, second by Mrs. Wolford. Vote 7-0.

RESOLUTION 2012-42 Approving Land Development Plan of Adelphoi USA, Inc. for erection of a school building in the Sixth Ward City of Latrobe. Mrs. Wolford moved to adopt this resolution, second by Mr. Baldonieri. Vote 7-0.



ORDINANCE 2012-8 Amending Ordinance No. 2012-2 to establish Healthcare Benefits for the Community Service Officer. Mr. Baldonieri moved to enact this ordinance, second by Mr. Skapura. Vote 7-0.

RESOLUTION 2012-43 Authorizing signing of UPMC Health Plan Employer online usage application. Mrs. Wolford moved to adopt this resolution, second by Mr. Skapura. Vote 7-0.



Mrs. Wolford asked the status of Parking Garage.

City Manager stated is should be as planned in mid-August.

Mr. Skapura asked if we are working on ground rules for PILOT program.

City Manager Graziani stated we are working on property research, including parcels, evaluation and acreage as to what they would owe if taxable. The Early Intervention Program will address this issue with recommendations on how to approach the non-profits.

Mr. Jim suggested in lieu of PILOT the City should make Earned Income Tax applicable to non-residents. Mr. Jim stated that Home Rule Communities are allowed to impose an EIT over and above what is paid by individuals that work here but do not live here.

City Manager Graziani stated he will continue to research the non-resident EIT, but from information he has received thus far, Harrisburg picks and chooses the communities that can impose a commuter tax. Mr. Graziani stated that we do although collect a $52 tax from everyone who works in Latrobe regardless of residence. If it were possible to raise the EIT non-resident rate the City Manager would recommend it.



City Manager reported that bids are due July 20th at 11:00 A.M. for the new waste contract.



Alexander Graziani stated his report is as written. (see attachment “I”) City Manager stated that during the Fourth of July Parade the Fireman conducted a boot drive and raised approximately $2,200.00. He thanked the community for their generosity. Mr. Graziani reported that a meeting will be held here tomorrow evening related to Legion Keener rebuilding of Playland. He also reported that Castle Co-Packers did close on the purchase of the bottling plant across the creek from City Hall. They are moving product lines one at a time, and the sooner they are moved here the sooner we can start collecting the $52.00 Local Service Tax from each employee. This new tenant will probably apply for a reassessment of the property, as is usually the case. We need to incentivize business.

Mr. Skapura stated that the $2,200.00 was greatly appreciated, but is not enough to buy (1) one firefighter the protective gear needed for firefighting. He stated is generally costs about $3,000.00 for full gear.

City Manager Graziani stated the Volunteer Companies save the City a significant amount of money. The cost for a paid Fire Department could cost in the neighborhood of $2,000,000.00.


Mayor Griffin reportedly agreed with Police Chief Bumar and Fire Chief Brasile in regards to the Fourth of July Parade.

Mr. Baldonieri made a motion to adjourn the Regular Meeting of Council, second by Mr. Skapura. Vote 7-0.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara J. Buck, Secretary



Latrobe, PA

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