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Police Chief

Chief James Bumar
Chief James Bumar
Chief of Police
901 Jefferson St.
Latrobe, PA 15650
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In the City of Latrobe, many of our police contacts are with Juveniles.  These contacts leave a lasting impression.  This impression may determine if the juvenile avoids the behavior that leads to future delinquency. 

The Latrobe Police Department works hand and hand with the Westmoreland Juvenile Services.  What makes Westmoreland County unique is the County's Youth Commission program. 

The Youth Commission is an arm of the Juvenile Court system that works closely with local police and the District Justices.  The Youth commission is a court appointed board of volunteers that disposes of first time nonviolent juvenile offenders. 

The purpose of the Youth Commission is to:

  • Prevent first time offenders from obtaining a court record
  • Reduction of Juvenile Court case load
  • Closer community supervision and community involvement
  • Community members solve, supervise and dispose of juvenile problems within the community

Officer Robert Rummell is the assigned Juvenile Officer of the Latrobe Police departmen and the police liaison to the Latrobe Youth Commission. 

Any questions or inquiries concerning juvenile issues or more information about the Latrobe Youth commission, contact Officer Rummell (724) 537-5526  Ext. 50

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