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The Latrobe City Council approved an ordinance amending the City Code Chapter 256 for the purpose of increasing parking, rates, fees and fines on September 10, 2012.


Pass Type / Location* Old Monthly Rate New Monthly Rate % Increase Number** Notes
Memorial Drive (along the street) $25.00 $25.00 0.0% 7  
Regular Passes - Lots (non reserved spaces) $30.00 $40.00 33.3%   Non reserved passes for City Lots
Regular Passes - Garage (non reserved spaces) $30.00 $45.00 50.0% 120 Non reserved passes for the parking garage
Reserved spaces (surface lots)   $45.00   32 All lots will have at least two reserved spaces
Reserved spaces at Garage $45.00 $55.00 22.2% 20 A reserved space
Remote Surface Lots reserved na $25.00 na   Lot A along Depot Street "DiSalvos Station Lot"
Remote Surface Lots reserved   $15.00     Lot A along Depot Street "DiSalvos Station Lot" Rooftop Garage
Reserved Super Pass (Hospital & Downtown) $50.00 $75.00 50.0%   Specific reserved space for both a reserved space in town and at the Hospital
Downtown Resident   $15.00   100 For people who live in the CBD can park at general pass or 9-hour space
Business In-Lot Space Rental $50.00 $60.00 20.0%   Signed spaces for business patrons
Business On-Street Space Rental na $75.00     Must purchase for 6-months
Meter Bag Rental (per day) $2.00 $5.00 150.0%   For people who need to use a space for other purposes than parking
Daily Pass $2.00 $5.00 150.0%    
*City Residents living outside of the downtown will receive a 35% discount for any pass purchased, except for the "Downtown Resident Pass" and passes at memorial drive and remote lot passes    
** Number Subject to Change     
Passes sold from 1 month up to 6 months at a time    
Rates for City of Latrobe Resident    
Pass Type / Location* Current Monthly Rate Proposed Monthly Rate % Increase    
Regular Passes - Lots (non reserved spaces) $30.00 $26.00 -13.3%    
Regular Passes - Garage (non reserved spaces) $30.00 $29.25 -2.5%    
Reserved spaces (surface lots)   $29.25      
Reserved spaces at Garage $45.00 $35.75 -20.6%    
Remote Surface Lots Reserved na     na    
Remote Surface Lots Reserved na     na    
Reserved Super Pass (Hospital & Downtown) $50.00 $48.75 -2.5%    
Meter Bag Rental (per day) $2.00 $3.25 62.5%    
Daily Pass $2.00 $3.25 62.5%    


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