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Building Code Enforcement

As a citizen of Latrobe, you have every right to take pride in the City that you live in!

Being compliant with the codes and ordinances is a great way to show this pride.

Your City appreciates your help and desire to keep your community clean, safe and visually appealing!


All residents are encouraged to report a code violation.

Feel free to check the City's Code of Ordinances to learn more before reporting a suspected violation.

Even though reports are investigated as soon as possible, a property owner is given time to remedy the violation and bring their property into compliance. So keep in mind a reported violation will NOT be corrected immediately.

To report a violation,  contact Ann Powell.


If you receive a notice of a violation:

The notice you receive will specify the amount of time you have to remedy the violation and bring your property into compliance.

If you need more time or help to clarify the violation or to figure out a solution, contact Ann Powell and she will work with you to find a resolution.


Common Violations & Time Periods for Compliance



dogwalkclip vehicleclip houseclip

High Grass
& Weeds

& Debris

 Loose Animals & Pet Droppings  Illegal
 5 Days  10 Days Immediately to 1 Day   30 Days 10 to 60 Days



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Ann Powell

Ann E. Powell BCO, CFM
Code Enforcement Officer / Zoning Officer
901 Jefferson St.
Latrobe, PA 15650
Fax: 724-537-4802
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Planning & Development Department

City of Latrobe • P: 724-539-8548 • Mailing Address: P.O. Box 829, Latrobe, PA  15650 • Physical Address: 901 Jefferson St., Latrobe, PA  15650