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Public Works Department

The City of Latrobe Public Works Department takes pride in serving the community.

The Department includes both a Street Division and a Sanitation Division.

The Street Division completes a variety of year round tasks which benefit Latrobe’s citizens:

  • The street crew maintains over 300 catch basins and miles of storm drain lines and maintains the Municipal Building and all City owned properties.
  • Around the clock removal of snow and ice from city streets and parking lots occurs during the winter.
  • Street cleaning and pavement patching is ongoing during the other three seasons.

The Division also annually conducts projects which involve crack sealing of various streets and the painting of pavement markings and crosswalks. The yearly street paving program, where several lane miles of roadway are resurfaced, is administered by the Street Division. All of the routine maintenance of traffic signals throughout the city and all of the proper placement, installation and updating of over 4,000 street signs is accomplished by the street crew. All parking meter collections and repairs, as well as general maintenance of the downtown parking lots and garage are other important day to day functions of the Street Division.

The primary responsibilities of the Sanitation Division are to operate and control a solid waste transfer station. This facility is one of the few municipally permitted transfer stations in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

It provides both an on site fee based service for the disposal of municipal waste and a no cost service for recycling plastic, glass and metal containers, and cardboard. In addition, the Sanitation Division provides roll-off truck services to the surrounding area with direct hauling to the regions two existing landfills.

In order to keep all of the City’s vehicles and equipment in top shape and on the road, the Public Works Department employees two highly trained and experienced mechanics. They inspect, maintain and repair the entire fleet for all City Departments, including a variety of emergency vehicles and apparatus in the Fire and Police Departments.

Michael Gray

Michael Gray
Public Works Director
696 Mission Road
Latrobe, PA 15650
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Public Works Department

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